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Omni’s Pick & Mix System Seamless Growth Path from Essential to Premium Omni is not only modular, but granular as well (we call them switches), enabling the customer to pick and mix bundles, modules and switches best suited to their application simply and instantly. Select from our 5 primary products. Each module is carefully balanced to meet different levels of sophistication.  Mix and Match to customise your OMNI module by selecting, activating, purchasing any additional switches (features) you require, over and above those available in the module you have purchased. [top]    
When the economic climate is tough, keeping costs under control is essential if you want to stay competitive. This is where a document accounting software solution can help. With our solutions you can track and bill-back print, copy, scan and fax costs incurred for your clients. Ideal for Architects, Engineers, Auditors and Law Firms.  
These days organizations want to fully manage any type of content - from simple office documents, to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings, and even large video files. Built-in workflow allows companies to automate document intensive business processes, saving time and money.